Monday, October 26, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Best Game Ever!

You don't need to be a fan of Batman to enjoy this excellent third-person action game. If you go to Gamespot
you can get a real feel for the game!

When asking my friends on Facebook, I got a lot of positive reviews for this game. Here is what some of them had to say:

Michael Jaynes
I thought the gameplay was great and the relpay value very high, but then I've waited years for a good Batman game to come along.... but then again I will always have lego batman.

Chris Foti
i absolutely love it. one of my favorite video games ever gameplay wise and story wise. plus the scarecrow was amazing.

Chris Foti
the joker stuff is pretty cool, and is a lot more challenging than playing with batman cuz he doesn't have all the gizmos and stuff.

Brent William Zochowski
it serves the dark knight justice

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Batwoman Art

I came across some of these pictures on a blog on Hubpages. I thought that they were pretty cool, so here they are. You can see the rest of the blog at:

Black mask tribute

Some more stuff on Black Mask

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Beginning of Black Mask

Since is getting close to Halloween, I thought I’d add this Batman villain for he is known for wearing a mask.

Black Mask's original personal history was established in his first appearance. Roman Sionis was born into one of Gotham City’s well to do families. His parents were filthy rich and utterly self-absorbed, caring more about their social status than their son. Sounds like another scenario for poor me.
Unfortunately, moments after his birth, the doctor carelessly dropped him on his head. Who says the rich get the best health care? Roman's parents were less concerned about their son's well-being and more concerned about covering up the entire incident out of fear of how their wealthy friends would react to the news of their son's injury.

A second incident occurred when he was a child. While at the Sionis family country estate he was attacked by a rabid raccoon. Of course, this incident was also covered up by the Sionis family, who forbade Roman to mention it to anyone.
Roman’s father had an unusual "friendship" with Thomas Wayne. It seems that both of Roman's parents disliked the Waynes and were quite vocal about it in private with their son. However, to their son's dismay, they continued to associate with Thomas and Martha Wayne and pretended to be friends with the couple, to the extent of literally forcing him to become friends with their son, Bruce. His parents' hypocrisy had a deep impact on him, and he grew to hate and resent them and the "masks" they wore in public.

Soon after his high school graduation, Sionis was given a high ranking position inside his father's company, Janus Cosmetics. There, he met and fell in love with Circe, a working class secretary. Naturally his parents didn't approve of the relationship and made it clear that they wanted it to end.
Enraged, Roman burned down the family's mansion, killing both of his parents. Upon their deaths, he inherited the family fortune and business. Roman wasn't the businessman his father was, however, and eventually ruined Janus Cosmetics by funding a line of face-paint make-up which failed. In desperation, he threw large sums of money at the staff chemists to create a product to save the company, and what came back to him was a kind of water-proof makeup. The product was rushed to market without proper testing, and once it hit the market turned out to be a deadly toxin which disfigured several hundred women.

Circe, now Sionis' fiancée, broke up with him in front of his entire staff. At that time, now successful mogul Bruce Wayne offered to bail out the company on the condition that Sionis give up control and allow Wayne to appoint his own Board of Directors. Sionis agreed, but was furious at the humiliation he had suffered. He went to the family mausoleum and broke his mother's ebony coffin lid. From a piece of this, Sionis carved a mask, becoming "Black Mask".

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Why Is Catwoman So Dang Sexy?

Over the years, not too many villains can out do Catwoman as far as being sexually attractive. I've often wondered what spell this character has over most of the men population. When you look at Catwoman, of course she has the curves that any woman would want to own, although most of us women would be intimidated to don that outfit!

Catwoman has a way to portray a sexual tension between her and Batman and he finds that he isn't up against his usual sadistic, cold hearted villain. Could this also be another case of opposites attract? Could it be the sexy, but dangerous mix that she has?

Another thing that I think is an appeal is the fact that she has a little bit of that street urchin in her and can sure crack a whip!

Be sure to comment your thoughts on this post! I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Marsha Queen of Diamonds

She truly belived that diamonds are a girls best friend! When she found out about huge diamond running the Batcave she will do anything to gain access to the bat-diamond in the batcave to add to her extensive collection. One has to be extra careful when approaching Marsha, because one hit with her love dart will make any man want to become her slave, Commissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara and Robin included! Now what woman wouldn't want that much power over men!

She also got that one step furthur than Catwoman with Batman, by almost marrying him so she could gain access to the batcave and of course keep Robin safe. But thankfully, Alfred and Aunt Harriet crashed the wedding claiming that Batman was already married.. phew!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Batman Legends Directed By Aaron Schoenke Starring Tanoai Reed (Batman: Dark Justice) as Bane Paul Molnar (Patient J) as The Joker Aaron Schoenke as Nightwing Kim Hunt as James Gordon ...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Remember This Toy?

Lone Star – Batman Batgun
I remember my brothers and I having hours of fun with toy! It was produced by Lone Star in 1966. It’s their cap-firing Batman Batgun. Of all the T.V. and film related toy guns Lone Star produced this has got to be one of the best. What a great looking piece it is.
You can buy it on this web site: