Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Catwoman Inspired Halloween

Today, we here at Holy Blog Batman have a guest writer named Kate Southgate.  I would like to thank her for sharing her thoughts on paper about Catwoman (one of my favorite characters over the years).

We’ve all seen Anne Hathaway strut her stuff as the latest Catwoman in the final instalment of the Dark Knight franchise, but did you like her representation? There have been many Catwomen with Julie Newman being the most noted of them all and my personal favorite. However, each actress has put her mark on the character, which in turn has made for an interesting cat to watch throughout the years - the only catastrophe that I can recall is Halle Berry’s attempt.

With so many adaptations come many costumes, ideal if you want to dress as the cat for Halloween and look unique. Since 1933 we have all seen slight changes to the skin tight leather outfit, but with Halloween being just round the corner, do you know which one you’ll be suiting up in? From an all in one jumpsuit to a chest-bearing dress and from an eye mask to a headpiece with ears, there is a lot to choose from. Well, I have made the decision easier for you, by taking a popular Catwoman and matching her style with a costume from allfancydress.com.

If you are a fan of Anne Hathaway and thought she did the best job at get her claws out why not try the Catwoman Dark Knight Rises Deluxe Costume? It comes with the jumpsuit, moulded eye mask, headpiece, belt and gloves, all you need to do to finish off the outfit is add some thigh high boots and away you go.

However, if you believe Eartha Kitt was the best Catwoman that you have seen, the Foxy Feline Super Hero costume is sure to be your Halloween choice this year. Eartha’s costume wasn’t just a plain black suit; she introduced shimmering purples and greens along with an attractive neck piece. This is one glamour puss you wouldn’t want to mess with and her style is something you can emulate with this costume.

Another fetching feline was Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle utilising her sewing skins to craft her very own suit. To get this look up to scratch all you need to do is add some bold white stitching to this Adult Catwoman Costume. However, to really capture the dark essence of Michelle’s character red lipstick and black eyeliner needs to be heavily applied.

Although all of these costumes and representations of Catwoman are brilliant I think the one of the classiest actress to take up the role is Julie Newman. She made Catwoman sexy and elegant, a balance that is very hard to maintain, yet I believe that in this Catwoman costume you will be able to strike a similar balance.
If any or all of these costumes has made you think about dressing up as Catwoman this Halloween, why not have a look at AFD’s costume collections? They are a specialist online fancy dress retailer and the one place where you can find all the costumes above. 


Here are a some Catwoman costumes that can be found on http://www.allfancydress.com

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Batman Kicks

Wow!  The Dark Knight sure did live up to one of my co-workers expectations!  Converse created  Limited Dark Knight Rises Converse All-Stars.  Mike couldn't wait for these to be delivered in the mail which he had to special order.  Also he couldn't wait to sport these kicks for my blog!

Converse also has Bane on the other pair that you can add to your collection.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heath Ledger

I still like to think that Heath Ledger was the best Joker of all.  Did he dive too deep into his role of The Joker?  Maybe... Personally, I believe that like a lot of everyday people, Heath just plain and simple let drugs get the best of him.  Is it by chance that after acting as The Joker that Heath couldn't sleep at night? After his death, there were plenty of rumors that The Joker killed him.  People hinted that after playing his role as The Joker, that he couldn't shake this character from his head.  The scary part of this is: Can a fictional psychic power really take over someone? That will always be a question to haunt us.