Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just When Things Couldn't Get Battier

Yep, just when I thought things couldn't get battier, I found out Batman is an Airhead! Really!
I don't know how long it's going to stay like this, but the Airheads website is currently featuring a Batman theme, with online coloring pages and market research posing as fun questions for your kids to answer. I think it might make for a fun time waster for some older kids too.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Batman Symbol - One Of Most Recognized Logo

The bat symbol on Batman's chest has changed through out the years and is one of the most recognizable of all. The most memorable one is the yellow oval with the classic spread winged bat which was used in the comic book series along with the 1960’s television series. But the first time we see it on the yellow ellipse was in 1964. And it was explained as being a target re-enforced with armor for gunmen to aim at and not his head in the mid '80s. In addition, it was used in the first two Batman movies.

Now in the third Batman movie, Batman Forever, it brought out a new Batman logo without the original yellow in the oval.

In the fourth movie, Batman and Robin, which introduced Robin, had a mixture logo of Batman and Robin symbol.

An in Dark Knight, yet, you will find another version of the Batman symbol! Feel free to comment on which logo you like best! I will be looking forward to hear from you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Louie The Lilac - A Batman Villain We Forgot

Now how could we ever forget about ole Louie? He is a flower freak who tries to brainwash Gotham's flower children and kill the Dynamic Duo with man-eating plants. Doesn't that sound so 60's something!

Although most people had little respect for the "flower children", Louie was able to recognize that they would eventually grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow. So he figured that if he could get in favour with them, he would one day be very powerful and influential. To do this, he cornered the flower market in Gotham City so that he could help them with their flower-in. That sounds easy enough. (I think he got this evil plot off of Hitler when he turned to Germany's youth)

I have to admit that Milton Berle was the perfect actor for this role. It was said that Berle was so funny off camera that members of the crew had to be thrown off the set because they couldn't stop laughing when the camera rolled. They also smoked a lot of weed on breaks, which probably help contribute to over amount of glee.

Weapons Of Choice

Flower mobile- a purple convertible filled with lilacs.
Hot House- where his man-eating lilacs are kept, they require a warm climate.
Pocket Lilac- kept on his jacket, sprays a stupefying aromatic spray that paralyzes the victim.
Two-way Hat Lilac- a radio in disguise.
Alba bulgaria- poisonous plants whose fragrance knocks out anyone nearby.
Boutinier Bullhorn- by speaking into it, Louie's voice is projected great distances.

Just as Batman and Robin do not go at crime-fighting alone,Louie The Lilac had partners in crime to assist him with his malicious schemes:

Acacia, Arbutus, Petunia, Azalia- simple henchmen.
Lila- owner of the lilac shop where Louie operated.
Lotus- a specialist in fragrances, natural and bottled. She told Louie what animals' scent pouches were required to make perfume.
Saffron, Sassafras- henchmen

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In this video, it doesn't look good for Batman!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bad Ass Boy Wonder Wants To Kick Butt

I was reading an article on Wikipedia about the new and reborn Batman. I was wondering how this new Batman character was going to fill the old Batman shoes. But what really caught my attention in the new character of Robin. All I can say is, "It's about time!"

Come on, let's admit it! The old Robin was pretty much of a sissy boy! I think it will be great to see this new Robin! Like most younger generation, he will have a little bit of a rebel in him, but on the same side, can't stand any injustices. So often in our own society we see that. It is usually the rebel who will stick up for the down trotten. Maybe it is due to the fact that they are not afraid to speak out or care what opinion other may have about him.

I was also wondering if this new Robin will have kind of James Dean disposition to him. In the first issue Batman and Robin catch Mr.Toad a new villain part of the Circus of Strange and make that part of their investigation. In the next issue they meet Commissioner Gordon as a team for the first time. They then take on the Circus on Strange, after the battle Robin rebels Batman and sets off to find a new mentor. Robin attacks the Circus of Strange only to get trampled. Damian is captured by Pyg and Batman drags one of Pyg's henchmen through the streets while investigating, and Pyg prepares to turn Damian into one of his Doll People. Damian fights Pyg and is soon joined by Batman and the two defeat Pyg and the Circus of Strange. The story for the next arc is set up in the end with the Red Hood choosing a girl with a connection to Damian to be his Robin.

Grant Morrison commented, "If anything, Batman and Robin is more like the Dark Knight. It's a lot more realistic and gritty. When you see the fight scenes that Frank Quitely has done, it's just hardcore, bone-crunching, teeth-breaking, brutal stuff."

All I can say is, "Bravo to the new Robin!"

Friday, September 18, 2009


I just loved this song when I was a kid. Who could ever forget it?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

April 1940 - First Batman Comic Book

Batman has been an ongoing comic book series featuring the DC Comics hero of the same name. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27, published in May 1939. When Batman proved to be so popular that a self-titled ongoing comic book series began publication in the spring of 1940. It was first advertised in early April 1940, one month after the first appearance of his new sidekick, Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Though the Batman comic book was initially launched as a quarterly publication, it later became a bi-monthly series through the late 1950s, after which it became a monthly publication and has remained so since. As of September, 2009, the series has reached issue #690 and was put on hiatus until June of the same year.

I think Batman will be a hero for years to come, and not just for kids, but for many adults too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back To The Batcave Robin

Another thing that I thought was real cool as a kid besides the Batmobile, was the Batcave which is located beneath the stately Wayne Manor.

The Batcave was discovered and used long before by Bruce Wayne's ancestors. They originally had used it as a storehouse along as a means of transporting escaped slaves during the Civil War era. It seems to me that men need a place of solitude much like Superman's Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave served as a place of privacy with tranquility where Batman could be himself. As a child, Bruce first discovered it when he was falling in a dry well. One can only imagine the years of exploration he did the rest of his childhood.

Growing up as a kid, I would imagine what it would be like to enter the Batcave. You may ask, "How did Bruce Wayne enter the Batcave?" The answer my friend is easy. They gained access to the Batcave via Batpoles hidden in Bruce's study. Much like what firemen would use during a fire alarm at the station. There was a hidden switch inside the bust of William Shakespeare that once flipped, causes a false bookcase to slide open, revealing the poles.

Now how do the heck do Batman and Robin get back into Wayne Manor from the Batcave? In the first season it was an elevator. Starting in the second season (also shown in the 1966 feature film) compressed steam causes the platform at the base of the Batpoles to go back up.

How do Bruce and Dick change into Batman and Robin? Midway down the Batpoles, there is an "Instant Costume-Change Lever." This was depicted in the 1966 feature film that came out in between the first and second seasons of the television show.

I know. Now you are wondering, "What's down in the Batcave?" The Batmobile, an atomic reactor, the Batcomputer and other devices. The Batcave also has a collection of ancient armor due to Batman's study of military history. It includes outfits worn by European Knights, Desert nomads, and Samurai warriors throughout the centuries. Additionally, the cave contains state of the art facilities such as: crime lab, various specialized laboratories, mechanized workshops, personal gymnasium, a vast library, parking, docking and hangar space (as appropriate) for his various vehicles as well as separate exits for the various types, trophies of past cases, a large bat colony, and a Justice League teleporter. It also has medical facilities as well as various areas used in training exercises for Batman and his allies.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cruising Around Gotham

Now, the Batmobile is a seriously tricked-out car, and you can't blame a guy for wanting to drive it!

"Batmobile" was first coined and even longer before the first "finned" car.

Batman first appeared in May of 1939 in Detective Comics #27, and although the first true Batmobile did not appear for another two years, it has become one of the Dark Knight's best known weapons.
Batman was driving around in a no-frills red coupe. In fact, it appears to be nearly identical to Bruce Wayne's personal car. It didn't have a very big role in the comic.

This famous incarnation of the Batmobile was featured on the cover of Batman #20 (December 1943 – January 1944) and Batman #47 (June-July 1948) and was a mainstay for our heroes for many years.






While the Batmobile was one of many gadgets used by Batman to fight crime in the Golden Age of comic books, it was certainly one of the most important, and continues to play a key role of in the development of the character today. I wish I had a cool set of wheels like that!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mix Marriage of Marvel and Disney

At first I wasn't going to add to this blog about the merger between Marvel and Disney. But through popular demand, I decided to step up to the plate.
What will this mix marriage bring to the comic book world? How will this effect Marvel's 5,000 characters? What about the video games? All of this seems mind boggling as this family entertainment industry takes on the icon comic book entertainment.

This is what Disney has to say on the matter:
"Disney is the perfect home for Marvel's fantastic library of characters given its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses," said Ike Perlmutter, Marvel's Chief Executive Officer. "This is an unparalleled opportunity for Marvel to build upon its vibrant brand and character properties by accessing Disney's tremendous global organization and infrastructure around the world."

For the most part, people are concern more about the quality of comic book heroes. That this merge will give them a soft image, similar to Darkwing Duck. And in the real world we have the saying, "The good guy finishes last."

Another thing to mention is the movie industry. Let's be honest, there's the potential for some awful movies. They both have put out some bad movies recently, now let's combine it!

I really don't like to be negative about this whole thing, but right now, it is hard for me to vision what the outcome will be. I'm sure someone must have a trick up their sleeve to pull this one off. Time will tell!

My parting thought:
Mickey Mouse and the Punisher go on a killing spree ... and by killing I mean "POW! SOCK! BANG! BOOM!" ... take that you bad, bad man!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is Bill Gates The Real Batman

Is Batman's true identity Bill Gates? Just think about it; multimillionaire, love high-tech gadgets, is considered brilliant, an environmentalist, has a butler, and is a philanthropist. Who else could possibly fit Bruce Wayne's description better then Bill Gates. And if you look more closely, you will see that Gates has the Batman chin. All he would need is the cowl.
He is an innovative visionary who symbolizes the software computer industry. Like Bruce Wayne, Gates went to an Ivy League college, Harvard. With his sidekick Paul Allen, the dynamic duo, founded Microsoft.
In attempting to explain his tremendous success, industry experts have pointed out that there are really two Bill Gates. I honestly think that there is something to this. I'm sure the fact will bear me out when the rest of the world figures out the true identity of Batman!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Could Doctor Destiny Be A Good Batman Villain For A Movie

Here is a Batman villain that we all sort have forgotten about, Doctor Destiny. He created this mind boggling dream world consisting of combinations of people from the real world, hoping to replace the waking world with his fabricated realm. Superman and Batman, who had somehow managed to escape being fused together, stopped Destiny by freeing the combined form of Raven and Zatanna. The backlash from the broken illusion put Destiny into a comatose state, mumbling the name "Bruce Kent". Of note, however, he appears again capable of massive reality warping without direct control of the Materioptikon in the waking world, or at least enough magical power to fuel the creation of a new world using only dreams as his base.

I think that Doctor Destiny is worth mentioning because of his stint at the Arkham Asylum which is just located at the outskirts of Gotham City. I actually feel that this guy could be a great character for yet another Batman movie. Could you imagine a Batman movie with sort of a Matrix twist to it? Traveling back and forth between the real world and that of the dark recesses of his own mind as it is being manipulated by Doctor Destiny. Bruce Wayne having to use his superior intelligence to escape the grip of Destiny plus escaping the wall of Arkham Asylum. What a real mind bender this movie plot could be!

Please take the time to let your thoughts on this. I would love to read your comments!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adam West + Bruce Wayne = BATMAN

Adam West is a true American icon. From his humble beginning on a wheat ranch in Walla Walla, Washington, Adam skyrocketed to fame in Hollywood, pursuing an extraordinary career in entertainment that has spanned half a century. His role as Batman in the classic television series and feature of the same name continues to be seen throughout the world more than 40 years after its debut. While Batman, and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, remains his signature role, Adam has a multitude of motion picture, theater, and TV credits to his name.

As a kid, I use to love all those Batman balloons that showed up when he was fighting like: Bamm!, Pow!, Blamo!, Thud! and Kazoink!

If you have any Batman memories that you want to share, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!