Saturday, September 26, 2009

Louie The Lilac - A Batman Villain We Forgot

Now how could we ever forget about ole Louie? He is a flower freak who tries to brainwash Gotham's flower children and kill the Dynamic Duo with man-eating plants. Doesn't that sound so 60's something!

Although most people had little respect for the "flower children", Louie was able to recognize that they would eventually grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow. So he figured that if he could get in favour with them, he would one day be very powerful and influential. To do this, he cornered the flower market in Gotham City so that he could help them with their flower-in. That sounds easy enough. (I think he got this evil plot off of Hitler when he turned to Germany's youth)

I have to admit that Milton Berle was the perfect actor for this role. It was said that Berle was so funny off camera that members of the crew had to be thrown off the set because they couldn't stop laughing when the camera rolled. They also smoked a lot of weed on breaks, which probably help contribute to over amount of glee.

Weapons Of Choice

Flower mobile- a purple convertible filled with lilacs.
Hot House- where his man-eating lilacs are kept, they require a warm climate.
Pocket Lilac- kept on his jacket, sprays a stupefying aromatic spray that paralyzes the victim.
Two-way Hat Lilac- a radio in disguise.
Alba bulgaria- poisonous plants whose fragrance knocks out anyone nearby.
Boutinier Bullhorn- by speaking into it, Louie's voice is projected great distances.

Just as Batman and Robin do not go at crime-fighting alone,Louie The Lilac had partners in crime to assist him with his malicious schemes:

Acacia, Arbutus, Petunia, Azalia- simple henchmen.
Lila- owner of the lilac shop where Louie operated.
Lotus- a specialist in fragrances, natural and bottled. She told Louie what animals' scent pouches were required to make perfume.
Saffron, Sassafras- henchmen

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