Thursday, September 3, 2009

Could Doctor Destiny Be A Good Batman Villain For A Movie

Here is a Batman villain that we all sort have forgotten about, Doctor Destiny. He created this mind boggling dream world consisting of combinations of people from the real world, hoping to replace the waking world with his fabricated realm. Superman and Batman, who had somehow managed to escape being fused together, stopped Destiny by freeing the combined form of Raven and Zatanna. The backlash from the broken illusion put Destiny into a comatose state, mumbling the name "Bruce Kent". Of note, however, he appears again capable of massive reality warping without direct control of the Materioptikon in the waking world, or at least enough magical power to fuel the creation of a new world using only dreams as his base.

I think that Doctor Destiny is worth mentioning because of his stint at the Arkham Asylum which is just located at the outskirts of Gotham City. I actually feel that this guy could be a great character for yet another Batman movie. Could you imagine a Batman movie with sort of a Matrix twist to it? Traveling back and forth between the real world and that of the dark recesses of his own mind as it is being manipulated by Doctor Destiny. Bruce Wayne having to use his superior intelligence to escape the grip of Destiny plus escaping the wall of Arkham Asylum. What a real mind bender this movie plot could be!

Please take the time to let your thoughts on this. I would love to read your comments!

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Michael Rivers said...

I'm not familiar with this villain so I think he would be great for a movie. Sometimes we expect too much from actors portraying villains we are too familiar with. Nothing wrong with putting something new in the mix!

Betsy said...

Michael, You got that right! And sometimes movies you can guess the very next move too. I love a movie that keeps you guessing! Thanks for viewing my blog!