Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back To The Batcave Robin

Another thing that I thought was real cool as a kid besides the Batmobile, was the Batcave which is located beneath the stately Wayne Manor.

The Batcave was discovered and used long before by Bruce Wayne's ancestors. They originally had used it as a storehouse along as a means of transporting escaped slaves during the Civil War era. It seems to me that men need a place of solitude much like Superman's Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave served as a place of privacy with tranquility where Batman could be himself. As a child, Bruce first discovered it when he was falling in a dry well. One can only imagine the years of exploration he did the rest of his childhood.

Growing up as a kid, I would imagine what it would be like to enter the Batcave. You may ask, "How did Bruce Wayne enter the Batcave?" The answer my friend is easy. They gained access to the Batcave via Batpoles hidden in Bruce's study. Much like what firemen would use during a fire alarm at the station. There was a hidden switch inside the bust of William Shakespeare that once flipped, causes a false bookcase to slide open, revealing the poles.

Now how do the heck do Batman and Robin get back into Wayne Manor from the Batcave? In the first season it was an elevator. Starting in the second season (also shown in the 1966 feature film) compressed steam causes the platform at the base of the Batpoles to go back up.

How do Bruce and Dick change into Batman and Robin? Midway down the Batpoles, there is an "Instant Costume-Change Lever." This was depicted in the 1966 feature film that came out in between the first and second seasons of the television show.

I know. Now you are wondering, "What's down in the Batcave?" The Batmobile, an atomic reactor, the Batcomputer and other devices. The Batcave also has a collection of ancient armor due to Batman's study of military history. It includes outfits worn by European Knights, Desert nomads, and Samurai warriors throughout the centuries. Additionally, the cave contains state of the art facilities such as: crime lab, various specialized laboratories, mechanized workshops, personal gymnasium, a vast library, parking, docking and hangar space (as appropriate) for his various vehicles as well as separate exits for the various types, trophies of past cases, a large bat colony, and a Justice League teleporter. It also has medical facilities as well as various areas used in training exercises for Batman and his allies.

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