Saturday, July 17, 2010

And Driving A Batmobile Makes You Batman?

Here are a few Batmobiles that caught my eye today. I hope you will enjoy them!

Like all the Batmobile models before it, the Super Friends Batmobile came heavily equipped with several on-board computers and a military-grade weapons artillery rivaled in coolness only by the machine-gun equipped Jeep in the The Rat Patrol.

Here's a guy in Sweden, that took a 1973 Lincoln Continental, a cool $1 million spent, and about 5 years crafting a full scale replica of the Batmobile. Now, perhaps we’ve been spoiled by years of high-resolution studio photographs of some of the most beautifully engineered cars in the business, but to our discerning eyes the Swedish Batmobile looks a little, uh, shop class. It took the guy 20,000 hours to build though.

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