Sunday, August 16, 2009


Real Name: Arthur Brown

Class: Human technology-user

Occupation: Professional criminal, formerly gameshow host

Group Affiliation: formerly Injustice League II, Suicide Squad

Known Relatives: Agnes Brown (wife), Stephanie Brown (daughter), unnamed grandchild

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: Detective Comics #351(May, 1966)

Powers: Cluemaster has a number of plasti-glass pellets attached to the front of his costume that he can hurl as weapons. These pellets variously contain a blinding incendiary flare, smoke bombs, paralyzing gas and high explosives. The Cluemaster is a competent detective and schemer.

Arthur Brown was once the host of a popular daytime game show, but his career came to an end when his show was pre-empted by old cartoon reruns. He blamed people with trivial minds for his failure and entered a new criminal career as the Cluemaster.

Cluemaster's first public appearance was in Gotham City, committing a series of crimes to attract the attention of the Batman. The Cluemaster's plan was to distract Batman while his hired thugs sought clues to Batman's true identity. Cluemaster reasoned that striking at Batman as a civilian would be more successful than fighting him on his own turf. Batman quickly caught on to Cluemaster's plot, and used a series of red herrings to catch the evildoer.

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