Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow - Though Jonathan Crane is little more than a stick thin scarecrow running around Gotham City spreading fear to everyone he comes in contact with, he is still among the better Batman villains of all time. The reason? The Scarecrow actually has the power to break through the tough facade of the Batman and reduce him to a fearful mess. The Scarecrow has always been a nemesis that the Batman hates to face, and the fans of the comic love to see.

Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow originally worked at Arkham Asylum (in many renditions of his backstory) experimenting with fear on patients and soon adopted the alias Scarecrow after what his victims began to have nightmares of. What made The Scarecrow a regular Batman villain was his appearances in the ’90s Batman cartoons and Batman Begins.

The Scarecrow is also one of the only people to make Batman feel fear again, thanks to his Fear Gas (patent pending) that induces nightmares. This full blown maniac made his former bully and tormentor crash his car on prom night, paralysing him and killing his lover. Even worse now, The Scarecrow can also transform into the Scarebeast, a giant spiky demon like monster created by The Penguin to kill off disloyal colleagues. In this state he is capable of doing more damage, as well as unleashing even more powerful Fear Gas.


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