Monday, October 19, 2009

Why Is Catwoman So Dang Sexy?

Over the years, not too many villains can out do Catwoman as far as being sexually attractive. I've often wondered what spell this character has over most of the men population. When you look at Catwoman, of course she has the curves that any woman would want to own, although most of us women would be intimidated to don that outfit!

Catwoman has a way to portray a sexual tension between her and Batman and he finds that he isn't up against his usual sadistic, cold hearted villain. Could this also be another case of opposites attract? Could it be the sexy, but dangerous mix that she has?

Another thing that I think is an appeal is the fact that she has a little bit of that street urchin in her and can sure crack a whip!

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Catwoman! Miaow!

Anonymous said...

i like cat woman intrested profil cute but must be carefuly with her whip aaauwww lol

Betsy said...

lol yes be very careful with her whip! Even Batman has trouble with it!