Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harley Quinn - Good Girl Gone Bad

Once was Harlene Quinzelle and one of the most brilliant criminal psychiatrist Arkham Asylum has ever known, like most good girls, fell for the bad boy, The Joker. Soon after meeting him, she couldn't help to be so fascinated by his maniacal phyche. Little did she know that shortly after starting The Joker's treatments that she would find herself completely under his control and unable to break away. She is like putty in his hands as he molds her into one of Gotham's most deadliest criminals that the Dark Night has encountered and Harley Quinn is born.

The sad thing about Harley is that she is always trying so hard to win The Joker's affection, but he is always rejecting her. Although she is the only one around who can boss him around and call him Puddin, it seems to be a one sided love affair with a love hate ingredient.

Soon she partners up with Poison Ivy who shares the same distaste for male dominance of the criminal world. What a duo these two sisters in crime make!

After you peel away this killer criminal identity, she is a sweet lovable person. Unfortunately she is arrested and found criminally insane and sent to Arkham, not as a doctor, but as one of its patients!

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