Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now This Gal Looks Like a Real Poison Ivy

halloween2006 b
Originally uploaded by The Fifth Element
This lady did a superb job with her costume back in Halloween 2006! Her natural red locks go perfect with this outfit!
Here is what she had to say about her whole experience,"Tada! Here's the complete look. I can't even tell you how much work I put into this. I always told myself the year I chose to dress as Poison Ivy (which I wanted to do forever) I was going to do it right. For about a month I searched for a green strapless leotard. My boyfriend searched for 3 days straight online. And here's what we found out: They don't exist.

So here's what I did. I bought a body shaper and countless amounts of fake ivy from a craft store which I cut off from their stems one by one. My plan was to sew them all on individually. When I was in the Poconos for a weekend I started sewing the top part (which is formed like a bra) with elastic thread. It was coming out great but it was taking a long time. And at that point I had about a week until the party. Once I was finished sewing the top I realized I couldn't to that with the body because it was loose and stretchy and would bunch up. I almost gave up when my boyfriends mom suggested I use material glue. The only thing is I would have to be in the outfit to do it. So for about 3 hours the night before the party my mom helped me glue on the rest of the leaves one by one.

All well and good until I went to take it off and couldn't because the glue had dried and the material was no longer stretchy, it was like a mold. It took about a half hour to get off and I decided that when I got home the night of the party I'd be sleeping in it. Which I did. :)"


The Nerdy Bird said...

That's me. :)

Thanks for the compliments!

Betsy said...

I know how much goes into making a great costume like this! I can't wait to see what new ones you come up with!